Internationalization as a strategic axis of Silmag

The partner company of CaCEC Silmag SA, in addition to its global coverage of the national market and presence in more than 20 countries worldwide, in recent months, agreements closed commercial with countries from different continents, landing their products in Africa, the southeast Asian and generating trade agreements with distributors in European countries.

In dialogue with Diego Magrini, CEO of the company, he expressed that "for a long time we have been embarking on a very ambitious internationalization process and that we seek to strengthen the national market by incorporating new products into our portfolio." These are our business objectives for the years years, for that we work with an excellent team to make them come true ".

Silmag is on the way to certification of quality standards. CE to generate this expansion and project also carry forward the construction of a new production plant. "We are aware that we are focused on the professionalization of all positions in the company and that we plan the construction of a new plant that allows us to double our productive capacity," says Diego Magrini.

In pursuit of continuous development and betting on the professionalization of strategic positions to accompany the growth of the years, the company incorporates a new general manager to its work team, Diego becoming part of the board, fulfilling a more strategic role than "This is a very big step that we are taking in the company." After more than 30 years of work and 12 as CEO, he made the decision to become part of the company's board, sharing this work with my brothers. We join Fernando Gaido as General Manager of Silmag, a professional with many years of experience in top-level companies to continue and enhance the growth of Silmag ".

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