Nasal Cannula For Oxygen Therapy

COD. 230
PM. 229-5

This product has been designed to administer oxygen in neonatal, paediatric and adult patients with mild respiratory distress.

Download attached file: Cod.230_Canula-nasal-para-oxigenoterapia_Rev.09_web.pdf
Download attached file: Code-230_Nasal-cannula-for-oxygen-therapy_rev.09_web.pdf
  • 100% silicone nasal tube (composed of a bow-shaped tube with two cannulas) for oxygen administration.
  • Does not cause dermatitis.
  • Nostril tubes are adjustable and have rounded tips.
  • 150 cm extension with clover shaped inside to prevent kinking.
  • Does not cause pressure injury.
  • Horn connector.


CodeSize (FR)Outer Ø (mm)Inner Ø (mm)

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