Tracheostomy Tube (Paediatric)

This product has been designed to maintain airway patency in paediatric and neonatal patients with epiglottitis, neoplasia, abscess or a foreign body in the pharynx causing total or partial upper airway obstruction, severe laryngotracheal trauma or malformations, and patients with subglottic hypertrophy.


  • 100% radiopaque silicone.
  • Does not cause pressure injury.
  • Low profile tube for improved patient comfort.
  • One-piece tube which improves product safety and handling. Prevents accidental disconnection.
  • Reinforced fixator. Ensures proper tube positioning.
  • Lower risk of obstruction due to accumulated secretions.
  • Shouldered to minimize the interface between the tube and the stoma.
  • Rounded, atraumatic bevel. Facilitates placement without the need to use a guidewire, obturator or wire, which would partially restrict ventilation during the placement procedure.
  • New angle. Prevents mucus build-up and facilitates secretion aspiration.
  • Universal 15 mm connector (can be fitted to ventilator).
  • Inner diameter information.
  • Tube stitching and fixation point.
  • Fixation ribbon tape included for optimal placement.
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