Cuffed Or Non-Cuffed Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter

COD. 710/11/12
PM. 229-17

This product has been designed for infusion and extraction of peritoneal lavage fluid in patients with acute or chronic kidney failure, patients with kidney failure secondary to disease processes, and patients on ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.

Download attached file: Cod.710-11-12_Cateter-para-dialisis-con-o-sin-cuff_Rev.08_web.pdf
Download attached file: Code-710-11-12_CUFFED-OR-NON-CUFFEDf_Rev.08_web.pdf
  • 100% clear silicone catheter with radiopaque line.
  • Dacron CUFF that secures the catheter and works as an antimicrobial barrier.
  • Open and rounded end with multiple side perforations on the distal end.


Perforated length (cm)Cuffed
711-09-319.03131 cuff
711-09-379.03751 cuff
711-12-3712.03751 cuff
711-15-4215.04271 cuff
712-09-319.03132 cuffs
712-09-379.03752 cuffs
712-12-3712.03752 cuffs
712-15-4215.04272 cuffs

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