PICC Percutaneous Catheter With Peel Off Introducer (Double Lumen)

COD. 650-D
PM. 229-24

This product has been designed for the administration of parenteral nutrition, hyperosmolar solutions, vasoactive drug infusion, intravenous solutions, in neonatal, infant and paediatric patients requiring prolonged parenteral treatment, patients with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), patients hospitalized in intensive care units, surgery patients requiring prolonged fasting, patients with metabolic alterations.

Download attached file: Code-650D_PICC-PERCUTANEOUS-CATHETERdouble-lumen_Rev.10_web.pdf
Download attached file: Cod.650D_PICC-Cateter-percutaneo-con-introductor-pelabledoble-lumen_Rev.10_web-1.pdf
  • 100% radiopaque silicone and echogenic catheter. 1 cm marks.
  • Double lumen catheter for infusion of incompatible solutions.
  • Longer durability and lower catheter replacement rate.
  • Lower cost per hospital day.
  • Inner diameter ensures the right volume of fluid required for the patient.
  • Enables administration of hyperosmolar solutions.
  • Silicone closure cap that does not injure the skin and adapts to the fixation surface.
  • Peel off introducer and side eye needle. Clear sheath for verification of venous blood return.
  • Kit includes: disposable measuring tape, metal forceps, silicone haemostatic tourniquet, peel off introducer, extension and needle-free connector.


CodeSize (FR)Outer Ø
Flow rate
 *Measurement made at 1 bar of pressure.

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