Double Lumen Umbilical Catheter

COD. 544-D
PM. 229-25

This catheter has been designed for placement in the umbilical vein of critically ill neonates hospitalized in neonatal intensive care units. Used for incompatible solutions or blood sample collection and in patients with blood type incompatibility requiring an exchange transfusion.

Download attached file: Cod.544D_Cateter-umbilical-doble-lumen_Rev.09_web.pdf
Download attached file: Code-544-D_Umbilical-arterial-catheter_rev.10_web.pdf
  • 100% radiopaque polyurethane catheter.
  • Centimetre marks from 4 cm to 24 cm.
  • Full-length double lumen catheter for infusion of incompatible solutions.
  • Rounded end reduces the risk of vessel injury.
  • Easy to handle and slide.
  • Marking ensures positioning and maintenance during treatment.


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