“SILPORT” implantable port

COD. 1500
PM. 229-44

This product has been designed for infant, paediatric and adult patients requiring frequent blood vessel punctures for long-term continuous or intermittent drug infusion or administration. Especially appropriate for treatment with vasoactive or irritant drugs.

Download attached file: Cod.1500_Puerto-implantable-Silport_Rev.11_web-1.pdf
Download attached file: Code-1500_“SILPORT”-IMPLANTABLE-PORT_Rev.11_web-1.pdf
Download attached file: 1500_folleto_rev.04.pdf
  • 100% radiopaque silicone and echogenic catheter. Centimetre marks.
  • Titanium port with protruding silicone septum to facilitate location. Low profile port. Improved patient comfort and reduced patient risk.
  • Low profile and ample space for punctures.
  • Appropriate for multiple punctures.
  • Takes over 2000 punctures.
  • Adaptable to any subcutaneous site.
  • Improved patient comfort and reduced patient risk.
  • Kit includes: introducer, peel off dilator, metal wire with “j” tip, Huber type needle for solution infusion and perfusion, stainless steel tunnelling needle and replacement safety band.


CodePortalCatheter size (FR)Inner Ø x Outer Ø
1500-10-04-11-INFANT4.00.75 x 1.4060
1500-10-05-15.00.80 x 1.7060
1500-11-04-14.00.75 x 1.4060
1500-11-05-15.00.80 x 1.7060
1500-20-05-11-PAEDIATRIC5.00.80 x 1.7060
1500-20-07-17.01.25 x 2.3060
1500-21-05-15.00.80 x 1.7060
1500-21-07-17.01.25 x 2.3060
1500-30-07-11-ADULT7.01.25 x 2.3060
1500-30-09-19.01.50 x 3.0060
1500-31-07-17.01.25 x 2.3060
1500-31-09-19.01.50 x 3.0060

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