Closed Urine Collection System (Neonatal)

COD. 499
PM. 229-21

This product has been designed for bladder emptying and sterile urine sample collection for diagnostic purposes in patients who require close urinary output follow-up.

Download attached file: Cod.499_Sistema-cerrado-de-recoleccion-de-orina_Rev.08_web.pdf
Download attached file: Code-499_Closed-urine-collection-system_rev.08_web.pdf
  • 100% silicone ORX tube with closed end.
  • Silicone closure cap adaptable to the rigid connector.
  • Graded burette for measuring urine output.
  • Rigid connector with silicone closure cap for sample collection.
  • Clamp for burette emptying.
  • Does not cause pain or friction injury.
  • The closed system reduces the risk of infection.


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