CPAP System

COD. 233
PM. 229-55

This product has been designed to administer a mixture of air/oxygen with positive pressure in spontaneously breathing neonatal patients.

Download attached file: Code-233_CPAP-system_rev.09_web.pdf
Download attached file: Cod.233_Sistema-CPAP_Rev.09_web-1.pdf
  • 100% clear silicone cannula that fits in the nostrils.
  • Corrugated tubes (allow for mobility without risk of kinking).
  • Does not cause pressure injury to the nasal septum.
  • Adaptable to bubble CPAP or ventilator.
  • Replacement parts help reduce costs.
  • Replacement kit: cannula, connectors and cap.
  • Hydrocolloid tape minimizes risk of septal pressure injury.
  • Compatible with single-branch ventilators, making it ideal for patient transportation.


CodeSize (FR)Cannula Ø (mm)Distance between cannulas (mm)Cannula length (mm)Recommendation based on patient weightColor bonnet
233-008.02.703.009.00Less than 1000 gYellow
233-0110.03.303.009.001000 to 1500 gGreen
233-0212.04.004.0010.001500 to 2000 gGreen
233-0315.05.005.0012.00More than 2000 gBrown

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