Continuous Aspiration Tube

COD. 340
PM. 229-34

This product has been designed for lavage, decompression and aspiration of mucus secretions in the atretic pouch or gastric cavity in neonatal patients with oesophageal atresia and delayed gastric emptying.

Download attached file: Cod.340_Sonda-de-aspiracion-continua_Rev.09_web.pdf
Download attached file: Code-340_Continuous-aspiration-tube_rev.09_web.pdf
  • 100% silicone tube with 8 side holes.
  • Radiopaque inner tube and clear outer tube (allows for proper vision).
  • Two way.
  • Open, rounded end.
  • Clear connector with cap to regulate aspiration.
  • Includes extension.
  • Does not cause pressure injury.
  • Enables administration of fluids and constant aspiration.
  • Lower risk of flow obstruction due to kinking or accumulated secretions.
  • Connection for suction system.


CodeOuter tubeInner tube
CH/FROuter Ø (mm)Internal Ø (mm)CH/FROuter Ø (mm)Internal Ø (mm)

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